New article: ‘A Natural Passion’

This Valentine’s Day, I’m very pleased to share a new publication, “‘A natural passion?’: The 1810 reflections of a Yorkshire farmer on homosexuality”. It considers a diary entry by Matthew Tomlinson which made the news last year and appears in the journal Historical Research.

The article can be accessed via this link but requires a subscription. However, I am able and willing to share a PDF with anyone who wants a copy via email.

My research on Tomlinson’s diary entry has been a diversion from the main thrust of my PhD studies into military music, albeit a very fruitful one. I hope specialists in the history of sexuality find the resulting article stimulating and useful.

I gratefully acknowledge the Arts and Humanities Research Council for funding the doctoral research which led to this discovery. I thank Rictor Norton for his advice and encouragement as well as my supervisors Erica Charters and Bob Harris, Matt Pickles at the Oxford University Press Office and the staff at Wakefield Library, especially Claire Pickering. I am also grateful to Helen Craske, Fara Dabhoiwala, Matthew Grimley, Joanna Innes, Gerard Killoran, Seth LeJacq and the two anonymous reviewers of the article for their suggestions and contributions.

2 thoughts on “New article: ‘A Natural Passion’

  1. Hi!

    My name is Dayana and I’m from Florida (US) and I’m really interested in reading your article however right now I’m not in a financial situation where I can afford the subscription fee to read it.

    I’m interested in LGBTQ history since I’m part of the LGBTQ community myself. When your discovery about tomlinson’s views on homosexuality made the news I was instantly fascinated and when I discovered you wrote an article about it I’m dying to read it.

    Like I said before I can’t afford right now to pay the subscription to read and is not available at my small town (Crestview, Florida) Library and if I wanted to read it I’ll have to go to a bigger library and the only one closer to me is far away in Tallahassee and I don’t have the money for bus tickets and I don’t have a car (I’m 17)

    I really really want to read your article, the story about Tomlinson’s journals has fascinated since I read it because of the rarity of his views and the intimate the are

    If you could send me a copy of your article to my email I’ll be eternally grateful, my dream is to study history and become an expert on LGBTQ history

    My emai is:

    Have a nice day!

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